Subject: Fuck you Grammar

Hi gang, Its Hannah here... the person who decided to create a website that would contain a lot and I mean a lot of words and probably misspelled words. I want to share with you some tips, for the nuggets out there who may have terrible grammar, diagnosed dyslexia or in general laziness to spelling.

Welcome to Grammarly. A website where all your poorly spelled essays, texts, CVS can be submitted online and come out error free. It's pretty great and something I use on the reg.

Now, you can either upload a piece of text or document to the site: or you can download their software for free that then sits on your laptop. Ready and waiting to help you.

You can also get it on your phone! No more Bumble matches making fun of your spelling. WIIIIIN

It is American though and I have not figured out a way to make it stop telling me colour has a u. So watch out for that. 

Make sure you run every CV/resume and covering letter or important document you send out through the website.


Kind regards,

The Intern 

P.s there were multiple mistakes in this post. Thanks, Grammarly. 

Hannah Rafter