Subject: 2017

I have never taken New Year’s resolutions seriously. Maybe I should, although, I have a feeling the outcome would be the exact same. Each year seems to fly by, however, if you sit down, put on some classic Spotify meditation soundtrack on and think about what you have achieved in the past year, it’s hard.

Unless you have moved to a new country, lost a bit of weight, found the love of your life or had your heart broken, it’s really hard to reflect on the type of year you've had.

Let me give you a slight run down on the year I’ve had. 2017 was potentially the busiest year of my life. Although I didn’t have my heart broken, I certainly didn’t lose weight and I still live in freezing London, I do feel like I’ve come along way personally. I am still in my same 9-6 job which is not the same company it was in January 2017. I went on my first official work trips, I went to 24 networking events, I gave my first lectures, I started a new website (I will explain this soon) and I became a mentor in the Fash Ed program.

I hope 2018 will be as busy, successful and meaningful as last year was. Firstly, I’m running the marathon…. (Say whattt?!) But apart from that 24-mile journey, I hope I become more time efficient in my job, more organized and lastly, I hope to share my learnings from last, however useful or useless they may be.

Tell me about your 2017 –

Kind regards,

The Intern


Hannah Rafter