Subject: Remembering The Parts Of You That's Not Just The Intern

The Intern bubble, a scary, safe, and familiar place we all know so well. A space where there are clear (most of the time) guidelines, rules, ways in which things need to be done and specific tasks you have to carry out. 9 times out of 10 (and correct me if I’m wrong) you are completing an internship, which only delves into 60% if that, of what you’re capable of.

I think like any job, you get so consumed with what you’re doing you forget about the skill sets you are not using. We all have them… like for me, I have great taste in crime documentaries or thriller films. I don’t use that skill at work, sadly. I’m kidding, not about not having great taste in those things… but that they are my only other skills. We all have side passions, skills, and assets that make us great but only a small percentage of those gets seen at work.

I can remember going through a stage while I was interning of doubting myself and my skill level. I was so consumed in the environment I was in, I forgot about the other things I was good that were not being utilised therefore I didn’t appreciate they were there.

My advice to you, don’t forget about them (obviously), write down what they are. What are the things you are good at but you don’t get to use or show off at work? After writing the list, see if you can firstly incorporate them into your job at work (this may impress the boss) and if that’s not possible then can you introduce them in your personal/social life.

Don’t forget about them, you may need them one day.

Kind regards,



Hannah RafterComment