Subjet: Block out the noise

Fashion offices and intern departments (yes, some fashion companies have dedicated spaces, rooms or even floors where the interns sit) can be very noisy. People sharing their experiences, general interning chit-chat, and noise, constant noise. It is very easy to get caught up in this conversation and start to worry about your current situation and intern experience.

I spent a lot of time wondering about other people’s internship journeys and thinking whether it was the same as mine, better or even worse. With lots of different interns sharing their different experiences, it’s easy to get caught up with jealousy or worry that you’re not doing the right thing or you could be doing something better elsewhere.

My advice, learn from the conversation, your certainty won't escape it, but try and listen out for lessons or teachings that you can learn from. Apart from that, block out the noise. It will end up clouding your experience and it won’t ever go away. Interning in fashion has its ups and downs for some, therefore, every intern loves to share their journeys…  you will just have to listen. Most of the stories and intern advice I encountered really didn’t amount to anything and certainly didn’t change the course of my interning career, therefore… all that self-analysis for nothing.

Block out the noise and focus on enjoying the experience… I was about to say it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity don’t waste it. But that’s not true, no one interns just once…

That’s all from me.

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Hannah RafterComment