Subject: No Pain No Gain

As I get older, I’m understanding the importance of testing and pushing yourself as much as possible. Back when I was 20 and in the prime of my interning days, I thought to push myself meant racing from one publication house to another within 20 minutes. Real Devil Wears Prada kinda stuff. Now at the grand old age of 23, I feel very different. Firstly, I understand how ridiculous it is that I thought that was an achievement and something to give myself a high 5 over. Now, I think of pushing yourself as how it should be, doing things that make you step outside your comfort zone and push yourself and learn things about yourself that you didn’t know before.

I never use to do this, even at school, I liked my bubble, I liked the person I thought I was and I was very comfortable with it staying that way. I’m not sure when the risk taker side came out. If I had thought of a specific moment, it may have been when I forced myself to do live TV. If you are new or aren't a dedicated reader -_-,  I was interviewed on the BBC with Emily Sheffield (Deputy Editor of British Vogue at the time). This was something that I was not ready for, didn’t want to do and quite frankly I was shitting it. The producers of the show rang me at 8.30 pm the evening before asking me if I would do it, as I was on my way to speak at an event I said yes without giving it much thought or proper consideration. After talking myself into it, I went to bed with some sort of idea of what I would say and wear the following day.

As I woke up the shitting it part properly kicked in. I Facetimed my mum and pleaded her to either allow me to cancel or talk me into it. After some standard mum motivational advice, I was out the door before I had a chance to cancel.

Anyway, of course, I did the interview. It was strange, great, awful and scary all at the same time. I walked out of the BBC offices and straight into the Topshop on Oxford Circus to be alone (don’t ask why hardly the best place to go when you want to be alone and process things).

The feeling I got, even though I can say I hardly loved the experience… is one I’ll never forget. That feeling I’m now addicted to.

I am currently training for the London Marathon (gulp) which is another extreme case of me wanting to test and better myself.

Enough about me. What are you going to do this year that scares you? As interns or busy career people… you may find yourself too busy for anything. That’s a lie and we all know it is. Having a challenge in your life not only makes you a more interesting person when it comes to meeting someone new. It helps you focus your mind on to something new that’s not all work work work.

Running a marathon is my thing at the moment… but I’d love to hear what yours is.

If you want some ideas… see below:

  • Run a marathon or some form of sporting challenge

  • Learn a new language (Busuu app is great)

  • Learn a new skill… origami?

  • Volunteer

  • Cooking (who doesn’t love food)

  • Blogging? Preferably, not one about interning……

  • Photography?

Better get started…if you want a kick up the ass, you know how to reach us.

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