Subject: If T Swift cares about her reputation, then so should you.

We all have people that will forever be a good reference, they will probably sing your praises, and tell your future bosses what they want to hear. That’s not an issue, that’s sorted -locked down.

What’s not locked down is the conversations you’re not aware of. What do people say in the email chain that you’re not cc’d into?

When my friends that work in fashion ask me if I know of any good interns, I think sure… I have my go to list and every time they ask me for the juicy details on them, the things they won’t read on their CV/resume… how’s their personality? are they ever late? how do they handle pressure at events? all the things that really make or break you as a good intern.

Those are the things you should focus on. Everyone can produce a killer CV but how many people can walk around proud of the reputation they leave behind.

How you behave in during your time at a company matters, I know that sounds obvious but there are some that sweep certain companies under the carpet as they think they won’t be putting them down as a reference, therefore it doesn't matter.  

Every employer is a reference for you whether you like it or not. The fashion industry in particular is a large, scary place but at the same time incredibly small and everyone talks. Favours are being ask and everyone wants to know the inside scoop on everyone.

Therefore, let your reputation in the industry be one you’re proud of. How you act stays as a lasting memory with employers - without you realising it everyone is a reference. 

If Taylor Swift is worrying about her reputation so should you.

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Hannah RafterComment