Subject: Meet the founder of Glam Observer


Giada Graziano


Milan, Italy


Founder, owner, and Editor-in-chief at Glam Observer

What does your job involve?

Since Glam Observer is still a small company, I manage everything. From the editorial calendar to writing the posts, interviewing fashion professionals and influencers, hosting the Glam Observer Podcast, managing all the social media channels, PR & Marketing, creating/designing the products of the store, managing the membership and finance. I think that's everything... 

For anyone who doesn't know... what is Glam Observer?

GO is an online destination with career tips for young girls who want to work in Fashion, Beauty, and Blogging. My aim is to help, inform and inspire all the young girls out there who know want to work in Fashion but have no idea of where to start from and what career path could be the right for them. I love the stories of girl bosses who launched their own business, I think they are a huge source of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, that’s why I love interviewing people and sharing their stories with my readers. After my 7 years of blogging, I have knowledge on how to deal with everything related to it, so I also share blogging tips to help the new bloggers to launch a successful blog without wasting time doing researches and testing wrong strategies.

How and why did you start Glam Observer?

GO started back in 2012 as a personal style blog. Over the time my passion for the business of the fashion industry has evolved a lot and I started writing more posts about the business of fashion and some career tips. At that time (2015) I was graduating in Management Engineering, I knew one day I’d have wanted to work in fashion but I had absolutely no idea of how a fashion company worked and what were the different careers of the fashion industry. So, to understand what career path could be the right one for me within the fashion industry, I started making some researches. I didn't find any website in Italy with information about the careers in fashion, and in English, I found very few information. So I decided to take some fashion courses to understand more about this industry. I enrolled in many online courses from FIT and Parson and then in 2016, I moved to Milan to attend a Master in Luxury and Fashion Management. I started writing on the blog all the things I was learning about the business of fashion and the different careers of this industry. So basically, after noticing there was a gap in the industry to inform students and new professionals about the many possibilities existing within the fashion industry, I decided to create a platform providing them with informative content. With articles analyzing the industry, career tips, fashion career interviews, and a podcast - Glam Observer has become a place where fashion newcomers can come to find the resources they need to start their career in this industry.

Where do you hope the platform will be in 5 years time?

I dream to have a big team and a big office :). I’m obsessed with GO, I work on it from when I open my eyes in the morning to when I’m in bed at night.  I hope it will become a landmark for young professionals who dream to work in fashion and I hope I'll be able to help more and more of them to find their place in the fashion industry. 

Have you ever interned? If so, where?

Yes, I quit my fashion job in October 2017 to focus on GO, but I interned as E-commerce Account for E-lite, the joint venture between Yoox-Net-A-Porter and Kering. I was managing the e-commerce for Alexander McQueen and McQ.

What are 3 pieces of advice you would give to the younger generation starting out? 

The Fashion Industry is competitive, but luckily there is always space for new talents in a creative industry such as Fashion. Show people how passionate you are and how willing you are to learn.

Every great career starts with a good resume, build your best CV ever to stand out and get a job in Fashion. Once you're in, work hard and show people you're worth it. Networking is also very important in the fashion industry, use LinkedIn and Instagram to meet new fashion professionals. Use strategically Instagram as your portfolio/CV to show what you are able to do, especially if you want to get a creative job. People in fashion are always in a hurry, but remind that we don't save lives, so keep calm, be productive and work hard and you'll find the solution to anything.

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