Subject: Can Social Media Get You the Job?

We live in a digital world, there is no doubt about that. In the past few years, social media has taken over and changed the way we live. I can guarantee that almost anyone you meet will have some form of social media account and if they dont…who even are they?

Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc, are always evolving and as these grow and change you should use them to your advantage. They aren’t only good to post pictures for your friends and family anymore, but they could actually help you further your career.

Yep, those days of making your account private when applying for jobs are gone! Of course, you should always be cautious with what you’re posting to a public profile that could be seen by a potential new boss. But social media, especially for internships and jobs within the fashion and media industry, can really give your application quite a boost.

Let’s take a look at fashion for example, within the past years this industry has changed immensely. It has gone from being something that you could only experience through magazines to something that is always right there at the tip of our fingers.

Instagram has taken over the fashion industry, with bloggers, editors, writers, and many others taking their work and showing their creativity through those 4x4 squares on a screen. There is still magazines and fashion shows, but social media has really changed the way we perceive the industry and it has also given people a chance to showcase their creativity without having to have a big job for a fashion magazine or brand.

If you’re a creative person you can really use Instagram to your advantage, keeping up a good and well-planned feed can not only show your interests to your potential employer but also your eye for detail and well planning. There is no doubt that social media isn’t always the most honest version of ourselves but it is the version that a creative industry wants to see. They want to know what you can bring to the table creatively and how good you are at reaching people. Social media gives you the opportunity to show them just that.

However, there is a lot more than just creativity to social media. If you know how to use it well you will be able to use all of the platforms to your advantage, showcasing your writing and journalistic skills through Twitter, your promotional skills through Facebook, your personality through Snapchat, and your creative side through Instagram. Choosing to focus on whichever you feel the most comfortable and successful at, is what will shine a light on your talents.

These social platforms really give us the opportunity to take our unseen talents and put them out there, which can truly help with your internship search. Many recruiters actually turn to social media to find candidates. Sites like ours or Find Your Intern is the perfect example of this, as we use social media and our platforms to promote internships and interns.

So, yes social media, depending on the internship you’re interested in, can now be a big part of the hiring process and one that you should consider. But always remember to be respectful and professional even through your social platforms.

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