Subject: Have you heard of The Dots?

Sometimes I feel so late to the party, I hear my mum saying 'get with it Hannah' in my head A LOT. A month ago my old colleague Nicola introduced me to a site called The Dots. I researched it immediately (I tend to do everything Nicola tells me to, she's great) and I fell in love, not only with the messaging, graphics, generally clear layout but the concept was great.

A forum, community for people in similar industries, connecting, collaborating and stalking each other! Now, if you've heard of the Dots and you're joining my mum with the get with it message then I apologize. But for those of you who haven't... GET WITH IT. The dots is a great environment to learn your industry, understand others career paths and promote yourself.

Yep. It's no surprise that I think this platform is a great way to shove (in a friendly way) who you are in someones face, tell them what you're about and what you're working on. 

Linked-in still has a special place in my heart but The Dots is just a little bit sexier.

This post is not sponsored... however The Dots... if you're reading... hit me up. 

Kind regards,


Hannah RafterComment