Subject: Interning abroad

Just the act of starting an internship can be terrifying, adding a complete different country to the equation can be even more terrifying. Not only do you have to search for an internship and interview from another country but you also have to look for a work visa, fill out paperwork, find a place to live, etc. But I am here to tell you, yes it will all be worth it.

Not only does interning abroad add a lot of value to your resume but it will give you an experience unlike no other. Interning abroad will give you the chance to explore the career you’re hoping to pursue but also to get a taste of what that career is like internationally, how it differs from your home country and how it’s similar. You will also have the ability to network with professionals internationally allowing you to be connected to more and more working professionals in your field.

As cliché as it sounds, while interning abroad you learn so much about yourself. You are forced on learning a new culture, new routes, sometimes even a new language, you may travel more than you normally would. In other words a lot of times you will be put outside of your comfort zone. This might sound scary when needing to also have an internship where you will be learning about your job and the workplace. Juggling both can seem much but it actually provides you with the skillset to handle both. Being abroad will teach you how to be more independent and how to take charge which is an exceptional skill to have in work and out of work.

You will be exposing yourself to a new experience that many others may be too scared to do, this will make you stand out when looking for a job. You will learn how to communicate in different ways, with different cultures. Communication is key and this is something that employers will for sure notice.

Interning abroad could also provide you with the chance to travel to different countries outside of the country you’re interning at, these are experiences that don’t happen too often once you graduate, therefore it’s important to take advantage of them while you have the chance.

So yes interning abroad might sound scary and exciting but I can guarantee that it’s an experience you want to at the least consider, pick a destination and do some research. There are plenty of companies that offer to help with the entire process, even your own uni might be able to help. It’s definitely worth it and who knows maybe you’ll love it so much you will want to continue your career in that country!


See you on the flip side 

Kind Regards,


Melanie Spina