Subject: Don't be a cold bitch...young females are counting on you.

I'm sat staring at Amy, my intern (in a noncreepy way) and wondering if I'm setting a good example for her. Am I sending out a good message on how to be a female bawwwwse in the workspace?

The company I work for (yes I have a job outside of The Intern 24/7) is in fashion tech, if you didn't know, as an industry it is a very male-dominated therefore I have of course (sadly) been the receiving end of the sexist commentary. FYI It ain't fun. But we knew that already right?

The fashion industry is made up of majority women. The task force that keeps the fashion industry ticking is the very gender that populates the earth.  Before stepping foot into the industry, you are warned about the bitchy/ catty nature of the women who work in it.

See, although I have witnessed the occasional bitch, I've never been apart of it and would like to clear a few things up. Although I haven't worked in every fashion company known to man... I would like to make an educated guess that the rumour and reputation the industry has, is a little outdated. Most fashion houses aren't prancing around like they are filming a new episode of the real housewives. We are smart women, trying to keep the 20.9 billion pound industry alive. 

For those inside the industry, it's not a shock to say that the majority of people making the big boy decisions are in fact men. Which blows. Men (usually in terrible suits) are sat in head offices all around the world, deciding what women wear which to me, seems so unbelievably stupid. 

So, I guess on International Women's Day, I want The Intern 24/7 to start the conversation about getting women on top ( heyyyy, keep this blog PG) The more interns and assistants that start out in the industry already setting themselves the goal to be in the decision making seats the better and we need to support that. 

So, educate yourself, educate others and learn from them trial blazing women in front of you. If you're a manager make sure you spend time coaching and teaching the youngsters who are taking your place. Good karma n all that.

Just don't be a cold bitch ok?

Kind regards,

The Intern 

Hannah Rafter