Subject: What to keep in your intern purse/bag


You’ve nailed the interview, landed the internship, and have planned every precise detail of your outfit for the entire first week. You’re about to head to bed until you see you're worn out duffel bag of a purse that is overloaded with receipts, coupons, two empty packs of gum, and six shades of lipstick. You know the kind of purse, you’re terrified to show up to a party or gathering and walk in on a game of “what’s in your purse?” BEEN. THERE.

You think “I can’t seriously show up with that on hand, right??”


So what are the general necessities to keep on hand for your internship, and what do I like to keep in there as a personal preference?

Depending on the position and responsibilities of your internship, your needs may very well differ from mine but here are some no-fail items I keep on deck at all times!First and foremost, anything you may need for productivity during the day. For me, and likely for any position, this is a sweet sized notebook, a couple colorful pens, and maybe some sticky tabs (my favorites).

I don’t believe a single intern or former intern would ever suggest you DON’T bring a notebook and writing utensil. You will need this for any notes on a task you may be asked to complete and for taking notes on people you meet to aide in remembering names, positions, and maybe some quirky details to be more personable in conversation.

You’ll likely use this journal for the duration of the internship!

Beyond those essentials, a travel sized stick of deodorant, and breath mints. I always recommend mints over gum to keep fresh breath but not be in a situation of chomping your gum during a meeting or introduction!

Overall, I suggest keeping your purse clean of any junk, trash, or anything that may spill and cause a mess or unnecessary distraction. Keep it simple and organized, and your day will go smooth! ... hopefully


Kind regards,



Caitlin LanningComment