Subject: How to give your CV a facelift.

At school I use to think I was creative, I did art, photography, and textiles... however, you ask me to design something in Photoshop or InDesign and I crumble. If I have to get graphic-sy (made up word) I usually beg a friend I know to help me... or take things back to basics and use good old powerpoint. Yep. Reallll professional over here.

I never thought about adding a funky template or graphic design element to my Cv/Resume. I thought it was all about to content and words, rather than the way it looks. Now, although this is still true... I am now realising how important first impressions really are and how judgy I've become when it comes to CVs/Resumes. I maybe read 5ish cv's a day and without realising it, my attention is always grabbed by the ones that stand out and are a little jazzy. Don't get me wrong if they've spelled education wrong and have no experience... it's still a no but they still made me look at their Cv/Resumes for a little longer. So props to them.

What I'm trying to say is... if you have the goods (experience) then don't let the way your Cv/Resume looks hold you back just because you are a bit shit at graphics. 

Our friends over at Find Your Intern are offering to do the hard work for you. Yep,  you're welcome non-creative people.

For £35/ $ equivalent they are willing to make your CV/resume look really sexy and stand out from the crowd (a bit like the image above) 

Want to know more? Email or check out more details here.

Thank me later and make sure you send us your cv's once they are done.

Kind regards,

The Intern 

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