Subject: So you got the 'dream job' now what?



So, you applied for the internship of your ‘dreams’ (whatever that is) and you got it (congrats) you are 3 months in and you are slowly realising life/the job isn’t as dreamlike as you thought it would be.

I think we all have a built-up expectation of what we think our work life should be like. We all follow successful women who preach on podcasts and YouTube talks that they wake up every day with a fucking spring in their step and they can’t wait to get to work. Now, sure there will always be people who are like that. But news flash, those people are always old (well, slightly older) You don’t ever see someone who is between the ages of 18-25 loving their career, and if you do… they are a rare exception or a teacher.


I’ve come to realise that, the feeling of being content, happy and at peace with your career comes from experience. Speaking as someone who’s not sure how much more experience she can have… I can safely say it’s still a work in progress… this dream job thing I mean. I think you have to go through the shit jobs, the jobs you thought you’d love but actually kinda hate until you find the one your content with.


Just because you thought something was a dream job of yours at 18, doesn’t mean it’s the reality as a 22-year-old graduate. Your expectations, skill sets, and opportunities changes, and you really should just roll with the punches and stay on the train.

So, if you are in a role which you thought was your dream job but now turns out it isn’t… don’t panic. You’re not alone. Maybe slowly start to write down the aspects of the job you like and dislike… then write down which skills sets link to each aspect. Once you’ve done that, you will have a clear list of tasks and skills sets you should avoid if they are displayed in a job ad.


Avoid them like the plague.


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Hannah RafterComment