Subject: The Perfect Walk to Work Playlist

It’s early, you probably haven’t gotten enough sleep, and you’re rushing to get to the office. You might be stuck in traffic or even worse in a packed train with someone’s armpit right in your face (who doesn't want to spend their morning smelling a strangers armpit?)

Let’s be honest a bad commute to work will without a doubt cause some serious damage to your day, leaving you stressed and on edge. This doesn’t have to be the case! We may not be able to control the traffic, weather, train delays, or even the rude people out there, however, we can take control of our mood and what better way to do this than with killer music.

We have put together a smashing and uplifting playlist to make your walk to work the best it can be. This playlist is filled with the most encouraging and fun music from golden oldies like Whitney Houston and Kelly Clarkson to newer hits like Cardi B or SZA. The team has even chosen a few of their personal favorites to add!

My personal favorite part of this playlist? The majority of songs are by female singers #girlpower

The Intern 24/7 Team’s Favorites:

Hannah – Anything Whitney Houston or Kelly Clarkson (the old stuff) 

Cait – Girl on Fire – Alicia Keys and Nicki Minaj

Melanie – Run the World (Girls) – Beyonce

We hope this playlist helps brighten up your walk to work, put in those earphones, blast the playlist, and take on the day!

If you want us to add anything to the playlist, reach out! 

The Intern 24/7 Walk to Work Playlist

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