Subject: Pass down the knowledge



As soon as you start your journey to becoming an adult… you’ve got something to teach. A lot of people think in order to advise (which simply means to give advice) you have to be successful, an expert in your field… and quite frankly old. This is far from the truth. More people in their respected fields however old, young or experienced you are should give back in some way. It’s important to not only help out the younger version of you starting out but it’s a great way to reflect on how much you’ve learned and what you’ve been through.

If you think about what you’re doing now, whatever the job – imagine 18-year-old you, that version of yourself would love an insight into what life is like now and what tips you have for them. It is so easy to answer others questions, that may seem simple to you but are a lifetime away for the person asking. It also feels good to know you’re helping someone out!

Here are 3 ways that you can share your experiences, thoughts, and tips:

Blog/Medium page – Write! See, I may be biased here, but I think writing your thoughts and feelings down is the best way to process all you have learned. If you don’t want to start your own site/blog like I did. How about creating a Medium account? This is a space on the internet which gives you a profile and allows you to submit posts. This is a great forum to share what you’ve been through amongst some pretty fine company (Barack Obama has an account) I rest my case. You are then able to share these posts around your wider network, like LinkedIn for example.

Instagram/Social Media – Go back to the old days, like we did. Upload an image from the intern days, or during something cool you’re currently experiencing – write a lengthy caption and then #hashtag the shit out of it so other like-minded people who think the same, find it. If you don’t want to spam your own feed with info, then how about joining communities that welcome this type of conversation. Try Facebook Groups, online sites or dedicated comment sections on career pages?

Speak Up! – If you hear someone around you with a question you could answer, then answer it! Never wait to see if someone you think is more experienced or knowledgeable will answer.


People who want advice, want to relate to the person giving it, not be told the who’s, what and wears from someone who’s cold and unapproachable.

So do your bit. Give back and pass down.

Good karma n all that.


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