Subject: Don't let your emails be a hot mess


Right, let’s talk about something I use to be verrrrry shit at, still am a bit shit, but defiantly less shit nonetheless. Email organisation. Yep. Sexy stuff right here, but important.

If you are doing it right… you should be sending out emails left right and centre. My email addiction came the moment I sent my first internship application. I would nervously wait for a reply maybe every 20 minutes and then refresh. To my SHOCK I never heard back, so of courseeeee thought, there must have been an error and re sent the email.

After that, I didn’t wait and hold off for that one company to reply to me, I was sending out 20 emails a day and it became quite overwhelming to keep track of the who, what and where’s. I would lose emails, send emails to people who I had already contacted… the lot. It was a real hot mess.

So, I developed a system. My email folders consisted of:


Drafts – to send at 9 am

(As a little side note, always send your emails to companies in the morning, never after 4 pm. Most of the time the receiver on the other end 1. Wants to go home 2. Has had a shit day, and another intern application will make it worse 3. Will delete it straight way when he/she clears out her email at the end of the day. So, knowing that, I would write all my emails in the afternoon, save as a draft and then send out first thing.



All applications I had sent out (obvs)



(Responses I had from companies wanting to interview me. I started this folder due to losing emails with head offices addresses or interview times. Don’t panic yourself the morning of an interview by not being able to find the last correspondence between you and your interviewer)



It was important to know who to black list.



I wanted to keep a record of people who sent automated emails out and also those on out of office. This folder would remind me who to contact at a later date.


See, you don’t have to follow my system, however, this is a system I came up with far too late in the game, and I guarantee I missed opportunities due to my lack of organisation with Gmail.


Let us know if you have a particular email system you are proud of ;) The Intern 24/7’s inbox could do with a facelift.


Kind regards,



Hannah RafterComment