Subject: How to build confidence at work


Confidence is invaluable. Once you have it, you’re super woman, and if you don’t have it, it’s easy to build. It’s not all about what’s on your CV. Most employers look for character and personality, someone who is going to get the job done, but is also out-going and self-confident. Now I’m not saying you should rock up to an interview claiming you’re the dogs’ bollocks BUT, a positive, confident attitude with a pinch of modesty is what’s going to take you from Candidate B to Miss Employability!

The thing that has given me the most confidence since becoming an adult Is my part-time job. I work in a bar 2-3 days a week, making cheap drinks for poor students. The great thing about my job is that the 70-strong staff are all people my age (give or take a couple of years) so we all socialise outside of work. So not only am I gaining confidence through working in a busy, social environment, I’m also building that confidence through making a bunch of new friends, it’s basically a win-win. So there you have it, nugget of advice number 1 – get experience of part-time work.

Another way of finding your inner-confidence is taking yourself out of the comfort zone, and doing something you’re a little less familiar with. This could be anything from taking up salsa lessons every Tuesday, to taking a trip abroad by yourself.  For me, it was joining the gym. Some of you may switch off at this point because you believe the gym to be a sweaty hell-hole full of men who look like they’ve been blown up with a bicycle pump, and women who look like they could quite frankly snap you in half. In fact, I can tell you now that yes, the gym is a sweaty hell-hole full of inflatable men and scary women, BUT it’s also a place where confidence thrives. I won’t pretend that I go to the gym every day and treat my body like a temple, because I don’t. But I do enjoy taking myself into a different environment and learning how I can adapt. Take it from me, if you can go flying off the back of a treadmill in front of about 50 people and act like it was your plan all along, then you my friend, have reached confidence zen.

And finally, a way of building confidence from the comfort of your own home: find someone who inspires you to do your job. I find YouTube and Instagram to be pretty good platforms for getting enthused about a certain career. When I found myself stuck in a career rut, I simply thought to myself ‘what do I want to do every day? Where do I want to be in 5 years- time?’ and I set about looking for people who shared that job and encouragement online. For me, The Travel Muse (Nathalie Basha) on YouTube was the perfect channel. Not only has it made me believe that I can achieve my dream job, but its helped me to become enthusiastic and excited about what I do, which of course goes in hand in hand with confidence.

These are just a few examples, but of course there’s hundreds more ways to build up a glittering, self-assured attitude that you’ll want to show off to every employer!

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