Subject: How to create a website, do you need one?

You may have noticed in the past year or so, more and more individuals have their own websites. Now I'm not talking about a blog like this one... I mean a personal website like A dedicated space on the internet where you can display your CV/Resume, social media channels, a bit more about you and your creative ability.

I know what you're thinking, most websites like this are for serious creative types who have online portfolios and fancy things to show off. NOT TRUE, well true to an extent, but you can also create a website via Wix or Squarespace, which hosts things about you that you cant fit on your CV. Once and if you create this type of website, It is a great idea to put this website on your cv. As a manager now, who hires on a monthly basis, I will always click on links left on CV's/Resumes... purely because I'm interested and also I think its impressive.

Remember, a CV/Resume is usually only 1-2 pages, therefore taking an employer to other areas away from your cv ie social channels, portfolio, websites, examples of work gives employers more space and opportunity to learn about you and see what you can do.

Not sure what you can put on a website? Check out some examples below: 

CV (obvs)

Social media channels

Projects you've worked on (this can be university projects or projects from your internships)

Gallery - Photos from you internships of things you've been a part of

About Me - a chance to explain a little more about yourself, your passions, interests and career goals. 


Inspiration section - create the mood board of what inspires you. 

Contact page - give and number and email address so people can reach out to you, you never know who might get in touch! 

A website is also a great thing to have for freelance work and any future opportunities. Once you create it, its yours and you never know what you might want to use it for later in life!

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