Subject: Is freelancing just as good as interning?

Interning is extremely important, we all know that. However freelancing can be just as good (sometimes even better cause let’s be real they tend to pay more than an internship!)

A lot of industries now rely heavily on freelancers. Starting to do freelance as early as you can could be extremely beneficial allowing you to build a network of connections and a portfolio to then present during job interviews or who knows you may even want to continue doing freelance and will now have connections in various different companies.

I still think having at least one internship is also important as sometimes they can be a bit more eye opening when spending so much time at a company but don’t be afraid to freelance, you could make money, make connections, and gain experience at different places (you also will probably not be asked to run small errands, such as getting coffee.)

Freelancing also allows you to experience a bit more professional setting your deadlines may be more official than those you receive at an internship, you may have more exposure to clients.

Freelancing will allow you to not only improve your skills but actually get paid during the time. Allowing you to explore different interest and gives you the chance to do it year-round since you can choose to do a remote freelance job while you’re still taking classes or working other jobs this isn’t always the case with internships.

So don’t stress if you can’t find the perfect internship for you, freelancing is always an option!

Take a look at these sites for new freelance opportunties: 


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