Subject: The Top Websites for US Internships

This NY babe (sticking to this nickname thanks to Hannah!) is here to hopefully make your search easier! I can’t even say the amount of times I’ve searched for internships in the past years, spending hours and hours looking for good websites constantly typing into google “fashion internships”, “journalism internships”, “INTERSHIPS PLEASE” (you get the idea).

Here are some of the top webpages that were there for me during this stressful, yet exciting, time:

  1. Ed2010 – if you are more into the media world (aka writing, photography, social media) this is the place for you. They constantly post full-time jobs, freelance jobs, paid and unpaid internships. You will find postings from companies like Billboard, ELLE Magazine, Vogue, etc.

  2. Indeed – this to me is the basic job search site but I must say it’s the one where I found most of my internships/freelance jobs. It’s quite easy to use, type in what you’re looking for using the exact tittle, keywords, or searching by company.

  3. Fashionista – you may have not known this but Fashionista has a job listing section where they post various job postings from fashion brands, media companies, or fashion PR companies. This is the perfect place to find all the internships you can imagine within the fashion industry. (Be sure to sign up to their newsletter to receive updates on new postings!)

  4. LinkedIn – LinkedIn isn’t just there for you to post updates on your job status, they have an extensive (and great!) list of jobs and internships from which you can apply easily just using your LinkedIn profile.

  5. Glass Door – this page is amazing when you want to find out more about what it’s like to work at a certain company, as it contains various reviews from current or former employees (you may even be able to find how much they pay for the position you’re interested in!). The page also has a good amount of job listings that you can check out!


There are a lot of pages out there but these were the top five that worked for me! If looking on these pages doesn’t work for you then my biggest recommendation is checking social media, looking on the company’s actual websites, and even reaching out to them sending over your resume and asking if they are looking for any interns. Being proactive can really make a difference and most of the responses I got was from searching companies on social media finding and email and simply reaching out, it’s really impressive to them!


Wishing you the best of luck with your search!

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