Subject: Are you spending too much money on lunch?

Being an intern you have probably have felt plenty of times that the little amount of money you’re making (or most likely the zero amount) is going all towards your lunches. I can say with complete certainty that buying lunch every day I would spend minimum $50 a week at my job in New York, which is absolutely ridiculous!

Which is why I am here to tell you that these unnecessary spending’s can 100% be avoided. It took me some time to come to this realization, well, to be honest, my internship and first job out of uni had no fridge or microwave so I had no choice but to spend money on lunch every day. But as I started to work in different offices (with actual kitchens) I still couldn’t shake off that bad habit, but the more I started to analyze my spending the more I realized that this was completely unnecessary.

I know sometimes it feels like during a long day at work you really do need that $17 refreshing salad or that fancy sushi, but truth is, you really don’t! If you want to start saving money starting by analyzing how much you spend at lunch, this is a good first step. Then take action, plan out your meals for the week and then take on Sunday to prepare them.

Or if you’re like me and you’re more on the lazy side (aka Sundays are dedicated to watching Netflix and relaxing) then just make sure that when you’re cooking dinner every day you make enough for lunch the next day (honestly leftovers, sometimes make for the best meals!) Start making your own salads and bringing in your own dressings as well, this will truly make a difference.

It might seem tedious and it’s definitely hard giving away your favorite lunch spots, believe me, I know, but it truly is worth the amount of money you will be saving. Just think about all the clothes and trips you can buy with the extra cash! And if it gets too hard to give up just do like I do and allow yourself one cheat day a week.

Bon Appetite,