Subject: Handling rejection, like a PRO


So, imagine you’ve spent all week drowning in cover letters. You can’t even pretend to be all the qualities that your Resume says you are. And then, you receive it. That glimmer of hope suddenly appears in your inbox. A reply from one of the roles you have applied for. Horrarrh! Finally, someone thinks you’re cool and you’re totally ready to BOSS the hell out of this role. But then it dawns on you. Oh, the horror. In the sheer excitement of all this acceptance, you’ve only gone and realised that you are actually an example of the exact opposite. Yes, you are reading the title, body and oh bugger it, the ENTIRE contents of a rejection letter. And now what do you do?

Well firstly be frank here. You are going to go through about 10 different emotions in the first few minutes. We won’t fool you on that one and nor do we want to. IT IS TOTALLY normal. So now that’s out the way… let's take a look at what on earth we can do to handle it. A quick and first fix can be to simply step away from your computer. Because girls we all know how quickly rejection can pour out of us onto a newly drafted email back to the company. Titled ‘you don’t know what you are missing’. As tempting as this can sometimes be. We advise in all circumstances against this. Instead, open up notes and type this;

I will try again.

Next, get the hell out of there. Run down the street. A bit dramatic, we know, but just remember going outside and getting some fresh air will give you new perspectives. In this time it’s okay to sweat the small stuff, gather your thoughts and call ALL of your friends screaming you can’t believe it. However don’t be in this place all day. As soon as your lungs are filled with fresh air, that’s your time to evaluate and take action.

Never be afraid to ask for feedback; If they haven’t done already, send the company a polite and professional email. It doesn’t have to be lengthy, but just friendly.

Address the issues; perhaps your Excel knowledge isn’t as sharp as it could be or maybe you could do with boosting up your photography skills. Whatever it may be, self-development is key so don’t be afraid to push a little harder on your goals.

Fake it until you make it; If you stay happy, future employers will see this as a desirable attribute. As hard as it sometimes can be, stay upbeat, girrrrrl.

And finally, don’t forget about you. Yes, hello? remember you? When we push so much for acceptance, it’s really easy to forget the qualities that we seek in a role too. Keep this to the front of your mind and don’t forget that you can be ‘little miss selective too’.

Future fashion females, we all know this industry can be as tough as our freshly manicured nails, but remember, so are you.

Kind regards,