Guest Subject: Internships: 6 reasons every student should do one

6 reasons every student should do one by Megan Bryant

Freshers week is buried deep in the soil, laced with late nights, alcohol and regrets. The attempt to study is back in full swing, therefore, many second-year students will have to make one decision. Internship, or no internship? And if you or your friends are undecided, follow this list to find out why interning for the year is not a bad idea, at all.

Breath of fresh air

So far, my internship experience has been great for many reasons. But in particular, it is a liberating feeling to finally let go of the university’s grasp and venture out into the world on your own. Two years of deadlines, exams and 9am lectures are enough to make your brain deplete to the size of a pea; change is for the better! Until the dissertation casually strolls into your life (SOS).

Real experience

Everyone has their personal preferences and it truly depends on what discipline you are studying in. But I am not a big fan of theoretical theories and there is no better way to understand your industry of interest by actually building on real-life experience. Employers tend to get starry-eyed when you dazzle them with experience!

Professional development

Up until you commence your internship, you may have had experience working in retail or in a restaurant; which is nothing to be undervalued. If it wasn’t for working every weekend I would be completely clueless about the working world! Nonetheless, an internship challenges you in a sense where you will make decisions that influences many things, which to me was a surreal experience! I have been at my current internship for just over 4 months and have already managed my own project!


Working in an office environment has made me appreciate the single greatest invention ever to grace our Planet. The coffee machine. Be warned, those early morning starts will induce a mild caffeine addiction. But hey, it is better than drinking bottomless jӓger bombs on a Wednesday night, right? FYI - during my internship here I have yet to make a coffee for anyone else. Win.

New places

I currently reside in Amsterdam for my internship and I have never been happier. It is a big leap leaving home to start work, but oh my, it has been a ride of an adventure! Even if your internship only takes you 20 miles away from your home - don’t let that stop you from exploring!

Best way to trial your career interests

Let’s be honest here, not every internship is a dream come true to students. I’d be naive to say that every student has had the time of their life. Although let’s look at the silver lining - if interning in a specific industry resulted in you in resenting it more than pineapple on pizza, it allows you to broaden your horizons and discover new potential career paths!

Kind regards,

Megan Bryant

Written by Megan Bryant, an Online Marketer Intern at StudentJob, Europe’s largest job’s platform for students and young professionals! To find out more about part-time, internships and graduate positions, head over to our website for more information.