Guest subject: Interning in Amsterdam: How I did it.

Interning in Amsterdam

Let us rewind to 2016, I had just turned 21 and my time working a dead-end job was coming to an end. University was just around the corner and little did I know that two years ahead I’d be living in Amsterdam.

That’s right, I’m doing my freaking internship in the Netherlands and I am living in Amsterdam.


The memory of applying is still vivid. It was soon after Christmas and I had received yet another kindly written, slightly patronising rejection email. Motivation was at rock bottom and I was at the crossroads.

Do I give up?

How can I start an internship if no one wants me?

What am I doing wrong?

Anyway, one evening, scrolling aimlessly on Google I came across StudentJob, which is an online jobs portal for students. If you haven’t heard of them then you must check them out, who knows, maybe you can one day work for them! The role that was advertised was for their online marketing position, which sounded super cool! What caught my eye was the location...Amsterdam.

I had already visited the city twice before and instantly fell in love. So when I saw the position, my imagination took me on a journey to walking along the canals, coffee in one hand, cigarette in the other.

I had to apply.

So I did. My motivation was beginning to feel replenished again. I sent off my CV and cover letter, turned off the computer and did whatever I did (I may have a vivid memory, but it is not that great!).

A couple weeks had passed and my phone gave an ever groaning buzz. It was an email from StudentJob! They were impressed with my application and I was invited for a telephone interview. From there it was a whirlwind journey to the point where I was offered the position.

The application process was no different from others, a telephone and Skype interview, then an article submission to test my writing skills.

Although, if I was to give tips to you all is to throw your all in it. Become obsessed with it, not creepy obsessed, but always think outside the box, research the company like you research your favourite cocktail and always show your enthusiasm for the job.

Moving away

I was in a thrilling supply chain seminar when I received the call. I almost cried! Finally, after months and months of searching to no avail, I finally had an internship! During those first few days, I went through a mixture of emotions. But the immense feeling I had was pride.

Nonetheless I had four months until the big move, so naturally, it was put on the back-burner as I faced mountains of work and hideous hangovers.

20th of June was the big move, the countdown had begun. During this period I actually felt quite numb. With so much to prepare such as accommodation, organising travel, saying goodbye to friends and family, oh and moving to a different country, I didn’t really have the time to focus on emotions.

However, skip to a day before and I had my holy shit moment. Reality had sunken in. Tears, fears, panic, the lot.

But that is fine and perfectly normal! So if you are reading this and thinking oh god, I don’t think I can go through that. You can. Stay strong, stay in contact with close ones and remain focused on the main objective. That is what I did. It worked.

And now?

Flash forward to four months and I have never been happier. Working for a company like StudentJob is so rewarding for many reasons. During my internship here I have totally immersed myself in marketing, been responsible for many, interesting projects and every Friday can enjoy after work drinks with the company!

Living in Amsterdam is still eventful as ever and I would recommend it, everyone! If going out is not your thing, then there are plenty of cute areas such as De Pijp, where you can enjoy a nice coffee in one of the cosy cafės. Otherwise, if you are into your music scene, you will not be disappointed. ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) is a week-long extravaganza, hosting over 200 music events across the City!

And you?

My experience has only been positive since starting my internship and I cannot stress enough how beneficial it has been. So if you are put off by the idea of taking the leap and going into the world of work. Don’t worry. You will be surrounded by the best people and remember, loved ones are a phone call away!

Kind regards,

Megan Bryant,

Written by Megan Bryant, an Online Marketer Intern at StudentJob, Europe’s largest job’s platform for students and young professionals! To find out more about part-time, internships and graduate positions, head over to our website for more information.