Subject: 5 motivational books to read

Looking for a little enlightenment? Maybe you’ve just finished re-watching season 2 of Love Island and need a little mental stimulation. Lets turn off the TV and get back on track with these 5 motivating reads. 

Big Magic; Elizabeth Gilbert.- This is any creatives dream read, trust us. And if you aren’t quite there yet, you can try putting your faith into Elizabeth Gilbert. Remember her? She was the best selling author of Eat, Pray, Love. (Another one to add to your list) Anyway, back to the Big Magic; because it is just that. Elizabeth guides you into a new way of thinking. Through all the obstacles, reflecting on her own experiences as a writer she applauds the creative life, and we applaud her. 

You are a badass; Jen Sicero- Life style coach and author Jen Sicero will feed you with sassy and bold exercises to help you be a better version of yourself. Her sharp words and savage advice might reveal a few home truths but that’s okay right? That’s why we avoided another reality star memoir and went for something actually moving. Forget your other mushy self help books, this ones sassy, bold and dam right baddass. 

Everything I Know About Love; Dolly Alderton- We can’t get enough of this chic, she’s our kinda girl, funny, inspiring and not to mention an award winning journalist. And she’s only gone and written a book or as we like to call it ‘our twenties bible.’ The pages are filled with heartbreak, self sabotage and multiple attempts to find the perfect job. Dolly’s memoir, is uplifting in more ways than one. Her humorous stories about love and her close relationships with her friends have us all screaming, ‘omg thats me’ before we have even reached the second page.

Bird by bird; Anne LamlottCALLING ALL aspiring writers, this ones for you! Anne Lamlott is a best selling novelist who produced a beautifully written and immensely helpful writing guide in the 1990’s. This new and local edition is full of personal experiences from Anne herself aswell as pen to paper techniques and advice that any serious writer can relate too. This is extremely motivating read and perfect for anyone suffering from a little writers block.

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck; Mark MansonFeeling deflated? Perhaps a little fed up and feeling sorry for yourself? Stop right there because author Mark won’t hold your hand through this one however he will provide you with the biggest reality check of your life. Think a practical guidebook to your life, discovering what’s truly important and letting go of everything else. Mark is painfully honest, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready for change.


Kind regards,

Tiffany Preston