Subject: How to deal with a difficult boss


Ever been in a situation where someone just presses all of your buttons, grates on you and makes you want to high five them in the face all at the same time?

Unfortunately, as much as we may all love to re-enact that jungle fight scene from Mean Girls, we have to take a different approach in working life. *Sigh*

Working in a team, particularly as an intern can be difficult at times... shout-out to all the unwanted work that we have done time and time again.  Everyone at some point has sadly had to deal with unfortunate and unfair situations; we have all encountered the following types of bosses.

1.    The ‘can you just do this for me’ boss

2.    The ‘condescending know it all’ college

3.    The do the bare minimum one

4.    The super stressed take it out on everyone else college

5.     IDK – just the one that annoys you in general

I decided to ask around and gather some expert and friendly advice on how to cope with difficult team members and bosses.

Put yourself in their shoes: It could be that they are super stressed at work or have issues going on at home, always consider their side of the story. Sometimes if you know they mean well deep, deep down it can help.

Try and take everything with a pinch of salt, this can really test your patience but at the end of the day it’s just work and if you can change your mindset and not take it to heart it can really help.

Put on a brave face, sometimes if you try and just not rise to it and be the bigger person it can give you a sense of achievement. If you know that you are the bigger person surely that makes you the BETTER person…

PICK YOUR BATTLES – will this really help you if you engage?! A wise lady said to me ‘I learned there's really no point talking back to them since they'll just sh*t on you anyway - pick your battles!’

At the end of the day, sadly just remember being an intern is about building for your future, so I suggest you bite that tongue (this was always my biggest challenge), smile graciously and continue to work hard – and I PROMISE you it will pay off in the end.

PS – always remember you are at work so be careful who you confide in as office drama is NEVER fun.

Kind regards,

The Intern





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