Subject: Ditch your comfort zone

We are all guilty of getting on what I like to call the internship band wagon. You get your first internship in let’s say, fashion pr and due to your position and connections it’s fairly easy to get another fashion internship. Maybe someone on your department knows someone, maybe you’re directly contacted on LinkedIn or maybe it’s just easier to apply for a new internship because you now have experience.

Ok, maybe it’s not easy, but let’s say easier.

I think we have all been guilty of at times focusing on how impressive our cv looks and therefore applying for or taking opportunities that you think “will look good” on your cv. The more you focus on your cv the less focussed you are on how good or fulfilling the actual internship is. Quantity doesn’t equal quality, we all should know that by now. I spent around 18 months of my life interning and it started to become very natural, the feeling, the experience and the process. It was only when I decided to move to New York that I had that nervous feeling again. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, I didn’t know what the job would entail and I certainly didn’t know if I’d be able to cope. I was use to interning in London, working with brits and understanding the fashion scene there. Moving to New York, I had to figure out all of that again but stateside. Relocating, by myself to take a job at a company I didn’t know was one of the hardest yet most rewarding things I’ve ever done. I would like to put that down to me ditching my comfort zone, doing something different and ultimately challenging myself. Once you get good at something, it becomes routine, and routine can feel easy, safe and comfortable. But how rewarding is it?

So... if you’re on your 9th marketing internship, 3rd design internship or whatever it may be and you’re feeling a little un-challenged or bored, then move on, spice things up. Make a list of things you’re currently not good at, what are the things that your current internship isn’t teaching you? Then begin the internship search again, and avoid what you usually look for.

Remember interning is about finding out what we like, what we’re good at and what we never wanna do ever ever ever again.

No one ever wins from playing it safe.

Go get em.