Subject: 10 commandments for moving to a big city

You’ve landed an internship, A-M-A-ZING. Where are you headed? London, Manchester? New York, LA? The chances that you’re heading to a big city are as likely as the fact I have a gin in hand (disclaimer: it’s a Friday night as I’m writing this). Also likely, you’re not from a big city. It takes you a breezy 15 minutes to get home from a night out in a taxi from the centre of town, and you still have to phone them because Uber hasn’t been launched in your town yet. You’ve visited these cities, you probably went for the day for your interview. But living with another 9.1 million other people will bring new challenges. Get ready.

So, from your intern bible, here are our wise commandments to see you through the first few weeks living in the big smoke/ the big apple.

1.Thou shalt always carry hand sanitiser on your person. Researchers found nine of the deadliest superbugs on London transport in 2017! I’ve heard enough.

2. Thou shalt check the weather forecast for rain or heat. Neither sweating in your winter coat nor getting drenched when you don’t have an umbrella are good looks.

3. Thou shalt check for eligible discounts before buying a travel card. I am only familiar with London, your 16-25 railcard applies

4. Thou shalt download City Mapper. If you know, you know. A godsend. 

5. Thou shalt ask for help when necessary. Staff and the general public are kinder than they may look. It will save time and stress.

6. Thou shalt be kind to the environment. Talking tote bags, Keep Cups, reusable water bottles. Tote bags are given away like there is no tomorrow, so they’re easy to find.

7. Thou shalt carry a portable phone charger. The panic is real if you’re out doing returns or pick ups on 2%. They can be picked up fairly cheap nowadays.

8. Thou shalt up a skincare regime. For the pollution! A face wash, maybe an exfoliator. Neither need to be pricey. 

9. Thou shalt not get over excited with new, exotic lunch options. Itsu and Pret are not kind to your bank, I tried to keep them a Friday treat.

10. Thou shalt wear comfortable shoes. Sounding like your mum, but I think we can all speak from experience here. Cities are big and you may be doing some errands. Comfort is key.

Let us know how you get on, and if you have found any other city hacks! Sharing is caring. Let us know!

Kind regards,