Subject: Advice for your first day from The Intern 24/7 writers.

Oh hi gang, I thought I'd bring the rest of the writers in on this one. Laziness? Nah. More minds are better than one, and who doesn't like a fresh perspective on things. Not sure how to combat first day nerves? Keep reading, take a breathe and soak all this helpful stuff in.


Get ready! If you have the confidence, go round and introduce yourself to each member of your team. What will usually happen is your manager will likely say ‘Everyone this is Hannah’ and then you sit down and wait to awkwardly have a 1-1 with the other team members. I would try to get to know them as quickly as possible, it puts your mind at ease. Ask what they studied, how long have they been at the company, where have they worked before, where do they live? It shows you’re interested and it makes them feel less scary. Oh and relax. You got the fucking job!!!!


Take notes, not just about the job, but about every person you meet! Remember who has a dog, who loves hiking, etc.. you’ll totally impress someone down the line when you remember something small about their lives! Such a good way to be personable


A little random BUT introduce your self as the name you wish to be called, ie I am Isabella and honestly got called my full name for 3 months despite the fact I kept saying ‘you can call me BELLA’


Make sure to try and set up coffee dates or lunches with the people from your team, not just your manager but the ones you will most likely be working closely with! This will show that you’re proactive and interested in getting to know them and what they do. If you’re worried about it being awkward brainstorm some questions beforehand that you could possibly bring up


Go in with an open mind; you might not be doing exactly what was stated in the job description

Hope this helped... and if it didn't i'm sure Teen Vogue has another article for you to read.

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