Subject: Applying for Jobs in other cities?


Looking for internships/jobs on its own can be quite the struggle but adding not living in the city where the internship actually takes place can make it even harder.

If you find yourself thinking about moving or maybe you’re going back home for break and you want to take advantage of the free time for an internship. Then it’s quite possible that you may be looking to apply to a job while not actually currently living in that city (or even country).

 But just because you’re not currently based where the company is based doesn’t mean you won’t be a valid candidate. There are many things you can do to guarantee that your application will be taken seriously.  

1.     First and for most, be upfront about your location. You may think that you should change the location on your resume to be the city you’re applying at (which don’t get me wrong isn’t completely a bad move). However, this could be problematic when you actually have to talk about potential in-person interviews or start dates.

If you want to add the location to your resume, consider saying “relocating to xxx”. It’s better to just be honest and let the employee know that your plans about moving (extra tip: the more you make your move sound legit the better). Be clear of what dates you’re planning on making the move and how long you will be staying.

 2.     Make your resume and cover letter shine. Applying for a job is competitive as it is, you want to guarantee that your application stands out regardless of your location. Make sure you not only showcase your skills but also remember to be enthusiastic about the job. Being in another location can make the competition even higher for you which is why you should make sure to show that you truly care and want this job.  

3. Ask for a Skype Interview(s). You may not have the upper hand with in person interviews but show that you care and ask if you can have a Skype interview over a phone call, this will make it a little more human as it’s always nice to actually see the person you’re talking too.

4. If you have the ability to plan a trip to the city where the job is based, even better! Make sure to communicate to the employer when you’ll be in town or that you’re willing to go in to interview. This will show your determination and excitement for the position.

5. Be sure to highlight any connection you have with the city you’re thinking of relocating to. Hiring someone from out of town can be nerve racking as there is a chance they can decide to move back and therefore leaving the employer with one less team member. Make sure to provide the employer with confidence that this is a secure move.


Finally, don’t be afraid to apply to a position that’s not in your current location. Just because you don’t live in that city at the moment doesn’t mean you will automatically not be considered for the job. Your skill set, and determination is what truly matters!


Good luck and go get those far away jobs ;)

Kind regards,