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You’re interning. Which means your time is stretched, to say the least. Here are a few nifty APP’s to help increase your productivity throughout the day.

6 AM Wake up - Pillow

I live for Pillow. Say goodbye to the traumatising iPhone alarm and hello to a serene waking sound. Pillow wakes you up anytime up to half an hour before your alarm, based on when you’re most awake, by tracking movement and sound. By doing so – you feel more awake when you are woken. Makes sense right. It also enables you to see how much sleep you actually got the night before… so no “I’m soooooo tired” when the evidence of a 7-hour sleep is right in front of you. Face the facts.

Download it here


7.45 AM Commute - Citymapper

The (relatively) new google maps - Citymapper gets you around the city utilising all forms of transport. Integrating trains, buses, Ubers, walking and even cycle dock info, the fastest, cheapest and easiest routes are calculated relieving you of looking like even more of a lost tourist than you probably already do. Citymapper enables destinations to be saved, walking calories to be measured and even tells you where to sit (…stand) on the tube for a speedy departure. Additionally, ‘Get off!’ notifications enable the inevitable tube naps to happen without missing your stop. Handy.

Download it here


9 AM Start - Hold

This APP actually rewards you for not going on your phone. For every 20 minutes you ‘Hold’, you receive 10 points. Accumulated points can then be exchanged for prizes including a free coffee which you will most definitely need. Additionally, you can exchange points for charitable donations. It also connects with Facebook friends to generate a leaderboard… you’ll be surprised how a little competitive rivalry can decrease time on your phone. Get to work – ‘Hold’ your phone – increase your productivity.

Download it here


1.30 PM Lunch - Monzo

When you’re not on your phone, it’s probable you’re spending money. As an intern, it’s also probable you don’t have a lot of money. Monzo is your new mate. The modern bank - combining an APP and debit card (contactless of course) enables you to…

1.     Set Budgets

2.     Track your spending

3.     Easily top up and transfer

4.     Categorise spending e.g. Food / Bills

With live push notifications at every single purchase, the constant reminder encourages thoughtful spending. A guilt trip in a way… when you realise you’ve spent £20 on coffee in… one week.

Download it here


5 PM (… 7 PM) Finish – Drinki

Thirsty? (Rhetorical question). Drinki works with a selection of watering holes allowing you to receive a well-deserved free drink of their choice. Simply download the APP, find the nearest bar and show the screen to the bartender. Whilst limited to one per day, the more people you refer to the APP, the more frequently you can get a free drink. Participating bars include All Bar One, Simmons, Dirty Harry’s, and so many more. Refer to your new work colleagues and you will be the best of friends after a few drinkis.

Download it here


10 PM KO - Moment

Moment calculates the amount of time you’re on your phone for each day, as well how many times you pick up your phone. The statistics are pretty scary and will most definitely encourage you to spend less time scrolling. It’s essentially another guilt trip… but it works. My record is 9 hours and 59 minutes on an extremely dark and hungover day. Disgusting. Try not to beat that.

Download it here


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