Subject: Asking your boss for a permanent job from your internship

Great film…

Great film…

Picture this…...6 months into your internship it’s going great, you love what you do, the connections you’ve made, the experience you’ve gained but it’s all coming to an end.

So, what do you do?  

Asking for a job from your internship isn’t something that just happens, it can be a long process. You wouldn’t just blurt out that you want a job, you need to tread carefully, it’s so important to think of everyday as the first impression. An internship should in a way be thought of as a very painfully and gruelling and did I mention tiring at the best of times….. Job Interview. You wouldn’t slack off half way through a job interview, now would you?

Some go to top tips would include being the model intern, NEVER late, going the extra mile and being as creative as possible within your area of expertise. For them to offer you a job they should feel like they couldn’t possibly lose you, so you need to make sure that your so good they couldn’t!

You need to make them aware, not every intern wants a job out of their work experience. It’s common for people to genuinely just want some experience for a week or two and that’s it. It’s incredibly important to make it clear that you would love to stay whether that’s through a hint or 50 or just saying it!

1st option: If you really want to be professional about it, write them a letter. A letter of application, describing just why you are the perfect candidate and exactly why they should hire you once your internship ends. You would of course attach your cv to this, they will either be impressed by this and give you a job or be impressed and just not have the resources to offer you a job. Either way they have to be impressed by this, this can also set you up for potential future opportunities. Now they know you’re interested, you’ve got the ball rolling.

2nd option: Ask for a meeting with the necessary person, re-do your cv and cover letter to include everything you have done and all the skills you have gained during your time with them. This is your chance to sell yourself, although this isn’t necessarily an actual job interview, treat it like it is. Tell them just why they shouldn’t let you leave and why it would benefit them to keep you on.

One of the most important factors to consider will be the environment you’re in. If the workplace is more chilled, although you would still have to be professional about asking for a job you might not have to be as straight faced as you would in a more corporate environment. Judge your surroundings!

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