Subject: Corporate vs Laid Back Work Environment

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If you’re interning now, or thinking about interning soon, my #1 piece of advice for you is to try your best to find a set of the most different and diverse internships you possibly can. In the past year, I have had 5 different internships in industries that range from fashion to PR to even - dare I say it – finance *CRINGE*. Interning in completely different industries is important because you get to play around with what you’re looking for. But, in my opinion, the most important aspect of diverse internships is the work environment.

During my summer internship, I worked at a credit union *cringe again* but it was honestly amazing. The content I was in charge of was…not exactly what I wanted to be working with but my team was pretty freaking cool, and from that I now know that finance isn’t for me. Let’s look at my PROs and CONs of a Business Professional workplace: 


·      Dress code was heels, slacks and blazers (which was fun for the first two months)

·      The office was structured and everything was routine

·      My team was pretty dope

·      I felt legit


·      Cubicles

·      Most people were pretty stiff and stuffy

·      Routine became boring

·      There’s very little wiggle room for growth/mistakes

***these are all based off of my personal experience, not all companies are the same ***

On the opposite end, this past Fall I interned with a PR company that was veeerrry laisse-fair. Since PR is what I think I want to continue with, I was more excited for this one. Now let’s go over – what I think – are the PROs and CONs of a more laid-back work environment: 


·      Dress code is really whatever you want; jeans, sneakers, sweatshirts

·      There’s usually free food/drink like La Croix or freshly brewed coffee


·      Typically, a more open concept working area

·      Modern look and feel to the office

·      Music playing throughout the space all day

·      Random free food and sometimes ALCOHOL *woot woot*


·      It can be tempting to dress-down everyday

·      A more relaxed office can mistranslate to a relaxed boss or relaxed deadline

·      Boundaries between boss and friend can be thin

I honestly don’t have many CONs because I prefer a more laid-back environment, but I still think it’s important to try out both.

Remember, your first, second or even third internship will most likely not be exactly what you want, but it’s a learning experience. Pick and choose what you like and dislike about each one and use that to find your ideal position.


Good luck, babes.

Kind regards,