Subject: Dear Melanie, my younger intern self

Dear Melanie,

You’re most likely terrified, I would know. But that’s ok. You should be a little anxious, heck
you’re about to really get in there and discover what your dream industry is all about.
Believe me when I say this will be one of the greatest experiences you have. You will learn, you will feel frustrated, but most importantly you will work your ass off and enjoy every minute of

You may think you know what working in fashion is like, but you will learn that you actually
don’t even have a clue. You will realize that fashion isn’t all about the glitz and glamour but
really about the realness and rawness of it. Like standing on a packed subway while trying to
hold 4 garment bags and not lose thousands of dollars’ worth of jewelry.

The fashion industry is like no other. There’s so much pressure to make your life and job seem
wonderful and amazing. This without a doubt is going to cause you to feel insecure and anxious
at times. You’ll find yourself thinking that maybe you’re not cut out for it as your life isn’t like
the life of that trendy Vogue writer who is now also an influencer (believe me it doesn’t really
work like that).

Baby steps and patience. Yes, this industry may be glamourous at times but it’s also one of the
hardest jobs you will ever encounter.

Don’t put yourself in a competition. Yes, I know you’re in New York City, the fashion capital of
the world, which means you will be up against countless number of girls who would kill to be a
part of the industry just as much as you, or even more.

It’s hard not to rank yourself against other interns or friends. But it’s a waste of your time! Just
because your boss likes to chat about life and boys with one of the other interns doesn’t mean
they are better than you are at the job. Focus on demonstrating your hard work and talent
rather than trying to put yourself down by competing with the other interns, at the end of the
day it’s your work ethic and confidence in what you do that will prove you belong here.

Oh, and don’t forget to take a breath. When they say this industry can eat you alive they aren’t
kidding. Sometimes its ok to step back and just have a breather. Remember why you started to
do this in the first place and if the same sentiment is just not there anymore then maybe it’s
time to move on, but if it is… don’t give up keep working as hard as you can and keep giving
your all, at the end it will all be worth it.

I don’t want to give too much away, but life will take you through some crazy twists after this
internship. However, I must say that is the one experience you will always go back to, whether
it is in a new job, in life or just in general. The lessons you will learn here will be your stepping
stones and will follow you throughout the rest of your career. Don’t ever lose track of that!

Go out there and kill it just like I know you will!

All the love,
23 year old Melanie

Hannah RafterComment