Subject: Dear Tiffany

Dear Tiffany

You’ve never been one to stay in the same place and why would you when there’s a whole wide world out there to see. So, reading this back or in this case forward, you will be thrilled to discover that you did indeed put one foot in front of another, you shook off irrational fears and worries about being an incredible fail in a different city and you booked a flight. The other side of the BLEEDING world!


Could you ever imagine not jumping out of an aeroplane 15,000ft across the Great Barrier Reef? Or never taking that road trip through Vietnam on the back of a stranger’s motor cycle with nothing but a back pack and every hope that you won’t die? So, if you’re in doubt, ask yourself “how do you move forward staying in the same place forever?” And don’t worry because you will have all the answers, simply with your own self-assurance. 

Of course, there will be times when you aren’t moving, backpacking, gallivanting, soul searching and roughing it up in another hostel. So be proactive, use that time. Read a book, go out, talk to people. Do everything but nothing because your dreams of being a writer, your 3 years studying Fashion at university, doesn’t go away because you’ve been away to find yourself.

So, push for your dreams, and push yourself! Because you did land that internship for a fancy design company in Sydney. How? (Insert mean girls quote) Well because “you’re a pusher.”

However, don’t get too comfortable because nothing worth having ever comes easy. So get ready for those future intern feels... the rejection you feel, from every ignored job application. The difficult attempts to crack the fashion industry in an estrange country. The awkwardness you felt interning for a design company, knowing nothing about design. Let’s not forget the job interviews in sky scraper buildings, how they would feel like they are falling in on you, crushing your confidence. 

Remember the connections you made, the friends and co-workers who all helped you along the way. Even if networking made you cringe.  The ups, the downs and the “will this even benefit me” moments. All the self-doubt and ego boosts, a day after when you’ve worked on your goals and got through that meeting that you never thought you were ready for. 

These moments are waiting to happen. And whilst you will feel like you aren’t ready for them, you are. 

So, make sure you embrace them all and live up to what you’ve always wanted... never to remain in one place. 

And you might just find yourself writing for an incredibly inspiring platform full of talented and like-minded women like yourself, let’s say, giving advice to others who are in your position. 

You might just surprise yourself, if you keep moving. 


Kind regards,


Tiffany Preston Comment