Subject: Finding the time to intern from home

We all know that interning for a company can take up a lot of our precious time. Trust me I was subject to this matter. I’d apply for roles that I knew I wouldn’t be able to manage with hope that one day someone would just say “hey tiff lets cut ALL the bull shit, you can intern here, we will pay you, you don’t have to move or worry about a thing. But the realisation was… that I was living at home with my mum, working full time in retail job (just to pay my way) whilst at the same time longing for a chance to pursue an internship in fashion. 

 Time just wasn’t on my side.

Until, one day, ( my mum, pretty much saved me) and no she never paid my bills or funded my wardrobe.  She simply shared a post to me on Facebook. Completely unknown to me then, she waved her magic wand and answered all my ‘i’m trying to intern’ problems. Right in-front of me was an article from COSMO titled the ‘internships you should be applying for’. As I scrolled down I very quickly judged this to be another list of roles I knew I wouldn’t be able to manage even if I did land one. However I continued to read I noticed that these descriptions were different. They weren’t asking me to swan of to London to start a new life on a £10 daily lunch allowance. No, these jobs roles had attached locations, sustainable ones, you know like from the comfort of your very own home. 

From that moment, I embarked on a very different type of internship. One that was finally manageable. I even landed the job over a Skype call and after that became Social Media Intern for an exciting Fashion Designer and brand in London. I kept my typical 9-5 mundane job and on the weekends and evenings  I had the flexibility to schedule posts, write and create content for the job I really longed for. It honestly was a dream. Now some of you maybe thinking what about the interaction your missing out on with a normal every day internship. And don’t get me wrong there were times were I struggled with knowing if the content was suitable or when I was stuck between posts… but my boss was at the end of the phone 24-7,  she and I both knew what we had signed ourselves up for and together developed a wonderful working relationship.  She was cool, we even texted. 

Throughout the 6 months I interned, I came to the realisation that I was actually strengthening skills I never even knew I needed help with. I became a bit of a social nerd. I lived for creating something better than the week before and my writing naturally improved. I was in charge of my own time management and trust me if my deadlines weren’t met, it would only fall back on me. ( which meant no partying, socialising etc… after a few set backs I found my feet and got shit done) Then finally the ways of communicating with my boss meant I brought my A GAME to everything…all my video meetings, my Sunday submissions and all back and forth emails.

Girls it just goes to show it doesn’t always have to be huge commitments, quitting jobs and financial struggle. All I needed was my laptop, my creative flair and after a long day (my pyjamas) 
Don’t rule it out,

Kind regards,

Tiffany xo