Subject: Focus on the climb not the outcome

As you’re reading this post I would like you to pretend Miley Cyrus 'The Climb' is playing in the background…if you don’t want to pretend then get on Spotify girl and make it a reality.

I was listening to a podcast earlier (shock) The Tim Ferris Show in fact, which if you didn’t know Tim is a bad ass business man as well as an investor to some of the most influential companies in the world (go Tim).

Anyway, Tim mentioned about the fact a key downfall of most youngsters is that they focus too heavily on the outcome. Which got me thinking....

The first question we are usually asked in education or by most adults in life is “What do you want to be when you grow up” This question immediately makes you think to who and what you want to be when you’re older and you become a 'adult'. 

I can remember when I finally decided what I thought I wanted to do when I got to university. I was fired up and ready to achieve it as soon as possible. (Which now I can tell you, it's not the job i'm current doing... sorry 18 year old me) I was so fixated on the outcome that at times, I forgot what was happening on the ladder to getting there.

To round this long-winded blog post up, you shouldn't be focussing on one end result or an end goal for a number of reasons, here's a few:

1.     You may never get there (harsh but true)

2.     Once ‘’you’ve made it” it might not be what you thought it would be

3.     The ladder/journey (although I hate that word) will be much more rewarding and beneficial to you personally than the end result.

4. You might end up finding a new passion along the way which you shouldn't ignore!

Now, I don’t want to compare this to the dating world… but everyone loves the chase, the lead up and the moment right before you get what you want. But once you have it, you want to go back to the exciting part, sooooo you may as well enjoy the lead up as much as possible.

Make sense?

Let’s hope so.


Kind regards,


Hannah RafterComment