Subject: Fuck Luck


Sorry if anyone was offended with the word fuck. #sorrynotsorry

We are all guilty of throwing around the word ‘lucky’ without really giving it much thought, whether someone or something was actually lucky.

Now, I’m not saying if someone wins 160 million in the lottery they aren’t lucky however, they still had to buy the ticket ;) Or being born into the Kardashian family isn’t UNLUCKY... because that really is. I believe people like to call others success as lucky, as it helps them accept that someone else has something they don’t.

Throughout my career I have been called lucky a fair few times, I myself have called my career lucky as a defence to make others feel better. It’s all complete bullshit. If someone accomplishments great things, wins an award, gets a great internship or lands a good job, they are likely to be called lucky but why? There are very few examples of when things like this is down to luck.

Remember, that person probably worked very hard to get in that position, they handed in their application, spent hours on their CV, grafted hard and potentially was turned away more times than they were accepted.

Therefore, their accomplishments aren’t luck, not in the slightest. They put themselves in the best position to gain success.

Own what you achieve, congratulate others and don’t wait around and expect to one day be called lucky.


Results equals humility plus hard work. Suit up, show up, shut up. Do the same thing, day after day, year after year, and good things will come your way. Talent is nice but not necessary -@mollyrosenguy