Subject: Going Back to Interning After Taking a Break

Friends, we were on a break

Do you ever go through phases of applying to internships so obsessively, not getting any offers and then non-intentionally giving yourself a break from interning? No? Yes? Well, that’s what I’ve accidentally done these past two months and I think I’ve learned a couple of things along the way.  

First of all, it is okay if you do not get an internship right away.


This does not mean that you’ll be behind everyone else who was offered a position already, nor does it mean that your career is ruined. It simply means that the universe is giving you a break from the intern world. This can be an excellent opportunity to focus on your studies (if you’re in school), call your mother back, travel a bit or just simply enjoy life.  

Of course, this does not mean you should stop looking or applying to internships. You never know what opportunities will present themselves, or when they will for that matter. Relax a bit and focus on other things that may have fallen to the wayside if you were interning but remember to check up on LinkedIn every once in a while, for new opportunities.

Now when you do get that exciting email offering you a position and asking you to come in next week, remember this: everything happens for a reason. Maybe you desperately needed that break but didn’t realise it. Maybe you were taking your resume or internship experience for granted and needed a little kick in the butt to fully understand how hard you have to grind to get that job. Plus, now you’ll be extra excited and ready to work in this new position.

But if you haven’t gotten an offer and you’re starting to freak out (me, two weeks ago) do not give up. Keep applying and emailing those “we’ll get back to you soon” people, because your persistence might just be the final factor in their decision. Trust me, this has happened to me twice now. Just breathe, enjoy the break and don’t freak out.

Like always ladies and gents, keep grinding.

Kind regards,