Subject: Got a Skype Interview? Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

With employers having less time than ever to well… employ. Skype interviews are becoming more frequent. So theres no better time to share some of our handy tips to nailing the perfect interview. Maybe your thinking, what trash, I’ve totally got this, it’s just a phone call right? Thats exactly what we thought until we actually received feedback from these video calls and discovered when speaking to a future employer, we should probably step out of our sweat pants, and take note.

Treat it just the same.

It can be quite easy to treat a Skype or video call interview a little differently. From the moment you hear the words FaceTime or Skype call some of us may jump into chill mode. Perhaps those efforts you would normally go to, meeting someone face to face, go out of the window? However we urge you to plan, we urge you to prepare, just as you normally would. 

Find a quiet place.

Whether it’s a video or audio call its really important to find a little quiet time. Avoid your interviewer seeing your house mates walking past or hearing a re-run of friends in the background. So try and keep it quiet, remember to wear your earphones and place yourself in a well lit window. This will instantly make the interviewer feel more comfortable and it certainly shows that you are thoughtful about your surroundings. 

Maintain a strong connection.

This is a simple one. Make sure that WIFI connection is nothing but strong. It can be uncomfortable for you both if your call is freezing due to slow WIFI and unfortunately for you can throw professionalism out of the window. 

Be CV ready.

Why not send over your CV before the call begins in the Skype chat? This will make things easier for the interviewer and shows that you care about what they know about you before hand. Also a great place to actually place your CV is on your desktop. This will avoid you looking down a lot at a piece of paper.

Don’t be camera shy.

Even if the interviewer doesn’t have their camera on why not let them see you? Remember that face to face action is a lot more impressionable and if you aren’t meeting with them then everything counts towards letting them see the best version of you possible. 

This then leads us to our final and most favourable tip which is to dress like the girl bosses we know you are. We know they can’t see you from the shoulders down but a complete professional outfit will give you the confidence you need.

Go get em!

Kind regards,

Tiffany x