Subject: How accurate are you? Don't make this mistake!


Who ever thinks about accuracy? Now, I’m fully aware this topic doesn’t sound thrilling and even the word itself doesn’t ooze excitement however, in the world of work it’s important. So, pay attention.

The reason I wanted to talk about accuracy is I have always thought I was dyslexic, now disclaimer I have never been ‘diagnosed’ or told I am by a professional, however my family have always believed I was… an in turn I did too.

I would always consider myself an un-lazy person (not entirely sure that’s a word, but you get my drift). I work out a lot, I work hard, I like being active and most importantly see myself as a motivated person. HOWEVER, I can be lazy when it comes to spelling, proof reading and checking things over. To those who have read the blog since day one will fully appreciate my laziness when it comes to writing (#sorrynotsorry).

But to the point, I was in work today and realised how crucial it is. I sent an email today to a girl I wanted to interview based on an application I had received. The email I was given was out in the open to the public, so assumed this was the correct email to contact her with. I soon received an email back from an 80-year-old grandmother from Canada. Now, not that I don’t LOVE communicating with the elderly… this wasn’t expected.

The 80-year-old went on to explain, that she receives emails frequently to her email address, but they clearly are not for her but for someone with the same name. This shows that this ‘other’ girl had been giving out the wrong email address and probably sitting there wondering why she never gets responded to. It was .com instead I know, I know, a simple error, but a costly one.

So not only was this girl not receiving her junk mail (maybe a bonus) but she was missing out on work opportunities, receipts, offers, important information that she should have known. All because of a .com.

(Firstly, everyone go check the email that they have put on their cv/resume is correct)

I let the girl know the error, and now she sadly has to make sure anywhere and everywhere she has her email address, it is in fact accurate.

Let’s not judge her too hard, it’s so easily done. However, lets learn a lesson here… if something is important and I mean really important then triple check it, don’t be lazy and make sure that you incorporate accuracy in most aspects of you life.

We all want to put attention to detail on our cv and it actually be the truth.

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