Subject: How to ask for more responsibility at work

Asking for more responsibility at work may sound as simple as ordering an iced latte from your nearest Starbucks, right? Well for some that might be the case whereas for others it’s something they need to slowly work up to. Whether this is your first job post university or your still living it up as an intern. The ways in which you can ask for more responsibility whilst at work doesn’t tend to differ outrageously.

Talk to your supervisor, check in with them regularly about any additional projects you can work on. It’s also worth being as proactive as possible, don’t wait to be told to do something you know needs doing. Being proactive gives you the opportunity to take on the responsibility you feel you are ready for and is sure to impress those around you.

Staying on top of ever-changing trends and consistently seeking to improve your knowledge. This can be a vital asset when trying to gain more responsibility at work, new project coming up at work? Your superiors are going to want those who know what they’re doing around them. This will be your time to shine.

Having a positive relationship with those around you. Whether you’re on an internship or a full-time employee, having a good relationship with those around you can open doors.

Master the basics, your superiors are much more likely to increase your responsibility once they know you are capable of the basics. Don’t run before you can walk.

 When asking for more responsibility don’t just ask “is there anything I can do” what big projects are happening at the office currently? By asking a more direct question you’re more likely to get a direct answer!

If all else fails, bring it back to the basics and write a detailed letter describing the additional tasks you would like to take on, why you would be great at them and how doing so would benefit the company.

Asking for more responsibility, shows a willingness to learn and develop and will inevitable put you in a favourable position. Although, It’s important that before you go around asking for more responsibility that you’ve already completed to the best of your ability the tasks you had already been assigned. Before asking for more responsibility at work you need to be realistic that you actually have the time to take on the additional tasks.

For the interns:

If your designated supervisor isn’t giving you enough work, have a look around the office for the workers who look stressed beyond belief. Wander over and offer your services. (It might be a good idea to check this is ok with your supervisor before asking!)

Something to remember:

-       There might come a time when you actually have too much on your plate, with all of this added responsibility your boss should by now see you as a reliable and highly motivated employee and might not know when too much work is too much? It’s important not to take work on that you can’t actually cope with. We’d assume that they would much prefer you to turn down the added tasks than to take them on and not complete to the level they anticipated.

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