Subject: how to build a successful relationship with your team

Heidi Montag intern, the hills interning

You spend more time with your work team than you do with your family and friends. A fact which – if you don’t enjoy each other’s company– is quite terrifying. I’m lucky enough to not only love my job, but love the people I work with, and have written a few ways to help you (hopefully) build that same relationship with your team.


Start off by introducing yourself confidently. Tell your new team a bit about yourself - being open draws others to you. More importantly invite others to tell you about themselves. Ask questions and be genuinely interested in what they have to say. You’ll quickly find common ground on which a relationship can begin to build.


Channel your inner society committee member (NTU drama I am not sorry) and be the social sec of your team. Suggest team activities be it a team breakfast or an away - the Debenhams Watford store (check it out) has just opened so my team and I are heading down there this week to revel in the glory.


Spending time together in an environment outside of work is also important. Book an escape room or a karaoke pod to see sides of your colleagues you wouldn’t otherwise see - not always pretty.


Always celebrate successes. New house? Get a card. Birthday? Get a cake (avoid asking or more importantly guessing ages). Small gestures like this will be remembered and reciprocated.  


Be a team player. Be supportive and offer to help wherever possible. No I in team etc.


And the simplest of all relationship’s builders - the tea round. A quick and easy way to build a lasting bound is really just to make the tea occasionally. Or at least offer. Learning people’s tea orders is a bond that cannot be broken.


Alternatively – get a bottle of wine from Sainsbury’s and share that. You’ll swiftly become great friends.


Within this industry employee turnover is pretty quick. Your team gets chopped and changed and you have to adapt. Hopefully these tips will ensure every team you’re in is a dream team.


Kind regards,