Subject: How to combat the loneliness of interning alone

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Being the only person that was hired out of all the people that applied for an internship can be extremely exciting. This means that they thought you were the best candidate for the job, which says a lot about your work. (Go you)

But being the only intern at a company can also be quite lonely and at times scary as you’re the only one that they will turn to when needed.

It can be hard when you have nobody to gossip with or complain to when you’re feeling completely overwhelmed. Sure, you can do that with friends out of work but it’s never the same as doing it with someone who will completely understand that intern life.

If you’re feeling quite lonely in this position just remember that just because your other co-workers are not interns it doesn’t mean you can’t be friends or even just occasionally go for lunch or after work drinks with them. Don’t be intimidated just because they are actual full-time employees, and if you do feel a little nervous try to approach the ones that are closer to your age and just out of college. Not only will you have a friendly face in the office, but they will be able to provide some insight on life after interning (gold dust).

Remember that being the only intern also has quite major perks, you get to have complete hands on experience on all the projects that your department wants to involve you in and you don’t have to compete/fight with anyone to work on any specific project that you have your eye on. If this makes you feel anxious, as you don’t have support from other interns, try to remember that you’re in this position to learn and mistakes are allowed!

There’s a lot more room to grow and prove yourself without having to worry about other people beating you to it. I am all about supporting others and not having a competitive environment but realistically we all know that you’re bound to feel a sense of competition or comparison with other interns, so not having to have that added pressure can be quite nice.

And if you’re feeling really lonely and struggling to make any friendships with any other co-workers look for ways to meet other interns that are in the same industry and most likely experiencing the same struggles and exciting moments as you. Look for blogs, meet up groups or even just people from your university that you can talk to and complain to when necessary.

Not that we are encouraging talking shit about your internship, but let’s be real we all need to vent sometimes, don’t we?

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