Subject: How to deal with career envy


Oh, hi guys. It's currently a Tuesday and I’m on my daily lunchtime podcast walk. As I write/ text this on the notes section in my phone, if you're wondering i'm listening to the podcast with Jonathan from Queer Eye called Getting Curious and as he would say... it’s giving me a LIFE. Check it out and thank me later.

Anyway, I digress. Last week I got off the phone with someone who was speaking about a friend who recently got promoted and is killing it in the career game. She mentioned how happy she was for her but still seemed to feel a little low. 

We get it girl. No matter what industry you’re in, jealousy, career envy, whatever you want to call it, exists. Male or female, we are all competitive creatures who want to do well, that doesn't mean we also don't want others to do well, but it does mean we often look inwards when things on the outside are happening without us. What we must remember is there will always be people whose career path is going at a different pace to yours. There will be the people stampeding ahead (think lion king) and the others who never seem to not be in Bali.

I would channel your jealousy/career frustrations into motivation to progress yourself further and add to the other impressive things you have going for you. Meet new people, meet others in the same position as you, take on more responsibility at work, freelance a little, give back in some way. We can all do more... and adding another notch to your belt may make you feel better. 

That being said... we are all well aware that what people say compare to the reality is very different.

How’s ya job going?....."Yeah good thanks"
(Lies, it’s fucking shit and you’re bored stiff)

As long as you're 1. Doing something that makes you happy and 2. that thing is helping you get to the next stage whatever that may be then you're doing fine girl. What's that lame saying... slow and steady wins the... 

Being jealous would get you a promotion or a pay rise and in case you forgot... oh and calling someone fat won't make you skinny.

I hope this helps a little...

and I hope you appreciated how many ( ... ) were featured. 

Kind regards,


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