Subject: How to find a fashion internship outside of London


London the absolute hub of fashion within the UK, if you’re interested in a career within fashion but live nowhere near it you may feel like the prospect of getting any form of internship is somewhere near non-existent.

Yes, finding an internship in London is undoubtedly easier than anywhere else in the UK but that doesn’t rule out every other city! If you live in the northwest, you should know that Manchester is crawling on up there in the world of fashion. With brands such as Pretty Little Thing, I Saw It First and Missguided right on its doorstep.

Finding an internship up this side can appear slightly trickier, but it’s all about the way in which you approach these things. An internship should always be thought of as a job application, and if you were looking for a job and there didn’t happen to be any current positions circulating the big web. What should you normally do?

Register your interest, by approaching said company.

There are many ways in which you can go about finding an internship: The standard go to would be to check all of the big fashion job sites or simply type in Internship “Insert city” into google and see what pops its head!  Some great sites to check would be The Fashion Network, Find Your Intern, FashionUnited and Fashion Workie!

If the above doesn’t work out the second-best way is to approach the company, you would love to intern with and directly ask them.

Tip: Try and go for the smaller brands and companies, more than likely they will need the extra hands and give you so much more responsibility.

If there isn’t a relevant page on the companies site dedicated to internships and work experience. A quick way of finding the relevant person to speak to in regards to interning would be to use LinkedIn. Pop them a message expressing your interest and ask to be guided to the best possible person to speak to.

If it’s a big brand your looking to intern for, just sending an email to anyone will not suffice. It’s very likely this email will end up just getting lost in a sea of unanswered emails.  

Once you have the email of the best possible person to speak to, don’t just send your CV over without a second thought, this part is probably the most vital, with internships being not even nearly as common outside of London as they are inside of London.

It’s incredibly important to ensure you stand out as much as you can. Start by personalising everything to suit this specific company. if your applying for an internship that either has been advertised or there’s no actual position (just yet) you want to wow them, give them more than one reason to have you there with them. Make your CV and Cover letter completely personal to them as a company, make sure it oozes there brand. This will not only show enthusiasm, but it will show that you are more than willing to put in the work and do the research needed.

Final tip

Speak to your family and your friends , you would be surprised as to who they may know. Your first internship doesn’t entirely have to be within something you are looking for, but as long as it can give you transferable skills and hopefully help you to land the internship you really want, it will be completely worth it!

Some of the above may sound very generic but the point we are trying to get across is because there are so many internships in London, it can be a lot easier to find one. When searching for some experience outside of London, you just have to put in a tiny bit more work, but you would be surprised as to how many there are when you start looking!

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My name is Margaret, I’m a 20 year old Fashion Marketing student, currently undertaking an internship role with The Fashion Network, where I’ve had the opportunity to interview over a dozen potential interns! I hope you find this piece of use in your preparation for your interview, if you have any other questions about preparing, don’t hesitate to ask! Find Margaret here