Subject: How to get fashion experience on your cv without interning

If you’ve attended university or just had a scroll through good old google it seems like getting into the fashion industry revolves around getting an internship or as many as you can possibly fit into your schedule. Entering a career within fashion can seem scary on its own but when you throw in the added pressure of “who has the most experience” well it can feel overwhelming. Here at The Intern 24/7 we thought it was about time we shared some new tips to get fashion experience on your CV without actually interning.

 The most obvious would be to find a part time job within fashion retail, not only is this a great way of earning money if your still at university but it gives you the chance to get hands on fashion experience. A part time job can help you to develop the essential skills needed to work within the fashion industry. Depending on where you get your part time job, brands tend to favour those who already work within the company for internships and further opportunities.

Volunteer at your local charity shop, not only does the volunteering aspect look great on your CV but it’s good for the soul. Most charities don’t tend to expect much commitment so it’s a great choice if you’re looking for something flexible. Charity shops tend to not have more than a couple full-time employees, giving you the freedom to help out with several aspects within the store including visual merchandising via the stores window display.

Does your university have a drama department, photography students? Getting involved within your university can not only highlight your team spirit, help you to network and get you some great fashion experience to stick on your CV. The photography students are bound to need models for their shoots, you can either ask if they need help styling the model or coming up with creative ideas for the shoot. With the university’s drama department, you can ask if they need help with styling the actors/ costume changes.

Start a blog, if you have a flare for fashion but your finding it difficult to get any experience starting a fashion blog can easily change this. Write about what you’re interested in, whilst always staying up to date with new trends. Prospective employers will eat this right up!

Help at a fashion show, whether this be charity or university led. Having any experience within a fashion show will do wonders for you CV and there’s so many ways you can help at one! The smaller the fashion show the more responsibility you should be able to take on. Tip If your university doesn’t do fashion shows…what’s stopping you from starting one?

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