Subject: How to handle new job nerves

I find new jobs always to be such a bittersweet ordeal. Yes, you’re excited (hopefully!) to start this new chapter, learn, and grow as a professional but let’s face it you’re most likely, for a lack of better words, about to shit your pants too.

From not knowing what to wear on your first day to being nervous about what type of responsibilities you will be holding or even to just hoping everyone likes you. The first day at a new job often feels like the first day back at school.

Here are a few tips to make your first day a little less scary:

1)    Plan your outfit ahead of time

Try to find out what the company’s dress code is like, either from the observations you made during your interview or simply stalking the hell out of Instagram. Getting a sense of what the normal dress code is can help you determine an outfit that can be professional but yet still allow you to fit in and feel comfortable.  

I am a firm believe that a good outfit can truly make a difference as to how you feel. Choosing an outfit that you know you’ll feel confident in can truly boost your mood incredibly and make you feel ready to take on the world! Need some help picking out a first day outfit? Try asking the Enty app community for free, they are friendly and super duper helpful : Download here

2)    Do your homework

Chances are that at this point, thanks to your interview prep, you can probably recite the company’s mission as if it was a school science presentation. But take a few minutes the day before your first day to just go over the basics of the company and the position that you were hired for.

If your team sent anything over when you were hired even better! Go over all of that information to not only help you prep for the job but also us humans are weird and simply the act of reading this information will help make your mind calm down and feel more prepared.  

3)    Sell yourself to yourself

Sure, that probably sounds super weird, but we are often our biggest critics so try and remind yourself that there is a reason they hired you out of all of the other candidates.

If they didn’t think that you were qualified for this job, they wouldn’t have hired you in the first place. Make note of everything you’ve accomplished so far and how you can bring that to this new job.

 4)    Relax

To help keep your mind off of the nerves, have a nice and relaxing night, take a bath, watch a movie, binge watch your favourite show and have an early night. Just take advantage of the free time you have to actually keep your mind off of the nerves of starting fresh at a new company and getting a good night sleep will make you feel so much more prepared the next day.

Yes, starting a new job is scary but it’s also so exciting! This is your fresh start and your new chance to showcase your skills and work. If you’re feeling that your nerves are getting in the way of your excitement just remember to take a few deep breaths and before you know it, you’ll be at your new desk wondering why you were even nervous in the first place.

Kind regards,