Subject: If I could go back and intern, here is what I would do differently

Hannah Rafter The Intern 24/7

They say you shouldn't have regrets, and although I’m not sure I agree 100% with this, I do understand that you shouldn’t beat yourself up over things you can't change. Now, it is unlikely that I will go back and intern again in my working career therefore I thought I would share with you what I would change if I had the opportunity.

  1. Be more open! I would not waste time waiting for connections/friendships to be made. Do not sit back and wait for a connection to form with someone in the company. Start building relationships with those around you from day 1.

  2. Ask more questions! I can remember in the early days, I would sit at my desk trying to figure out answers to questions I had. I would have saved a lot of time if I had simply asked my manager, it would have certainly stopped me completing certain tasks wrong.

  3. Volunteer more! I am now very comfortable offering myself up to be a pair of extra hands, whether that's friend related, work related or helping a stranger out with a project. It took me a while when I was an intern to have the courage to raise my hand. Don't wait to be picked!

  4. Keep in contact with everyone! I wish I stayed in contact with some fellow interns and old work colleagues. Although I have everyone on LinkedIn etc., some of my former work flames would come in handy now when I have an industry related questions.

  5. Go to more events! I wish I had pushed myself to attend more events when I was at university and interning, they are a great way of meeting people and learning! Don’t be scared to go alone. You never know who you’ll meet, and most likely they will be similar people to you.

These may seem like generic pointers, however, from my experience and watching the next generation of interns, they are still simple things people do not do!


I hope these were words of encouragement and the kick up the butt you needed.

Go get em,


Hannah Rafter

(Hannah wrote this piece for The Fashion Network, you can take a look at the article and website here )